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Mike DuBose

Operating Executive

Mike DuBose is an operating executive at Crestview assisting the industrials strategy.


Mike DuBose is an operating executive at Crestview. He has extensive experience leading businesses in a variety of industries with a focus on industrials. Mike is the executive chairman of Convergix Automation and a member of the board of directors of SyBridge Technologies. He is the former executive chairman and co-CEO of JR Automation and former member of the board of directors of TenCate Grass. Before joining JR Automation, Mike led the transformations of global telecom equipment engineering and manufacturing firm, Purcell Systems, and advanced technology portable power medical device-focused engineering and manufacturing firm, Micro Power, with a focus on value creation via efficiency improvements, strategy, global product development and process enhancement. Prior to joining Micro Power, Mike led the successful turnaround and restructuring of Vertis Communications, earning the Turnaround of the Year award from Global M&A Network. Mike served as chairman of Anthony International, chairman, president and CEO of Aftermarket Technology (NASDAQ: ATAC) and chairman and CEO of Grimes Aerospace Company. His prior experience also includes executive positions at SAIC, General Instrument and General Electric Company in medical, defense, commercial aerospace, power systems and other technology related businesses. Mike received an M.S. in management from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in finance and economics from the University of San Francisco.